Just let me get one thing done [ 2004-11-18, 6:33 a.m. ]

Man, I was so sleepy that I fell asleep during "The Daily Show" last night. Left lights on and everything. Woke up about an hour ago. Luckily, I'm closing so I'll be napping soon, I'm sure.

I got so insecure at work today. I was doing some necessary paperwork in the office. Jeff and Jonathan were pulling returns (books to be sent back to the publisher) because the deadline is in just a few days. I started feeling like they might think I'm slacking off. This is me doing this to myself, though. They never said a word to me. But I started getting a bit emotional and stressed about it. I think not getting a good night's sleep didn't help. Plus, I haven't worked a shift with Diane since she came back from her vacation. She the other asst. manager and so she's the only one who truly gets how much I have on my plate. If we don't do our jobs then basically the whole store goes to pot. We do work together tonight so that's a good thing.

One thing I did figure out today at work is that my next job needs to be one that I'm not constantly multi-tasking. I am fully capable of having to multi-task and I'm pretty good at it. But I hate doing it. I'm sure some people get off on having to do several things at once. But I'm the type who likes to start one thing and do it well and finish it. At work I'm constantly being pulled away from my task for various reasons. It drives me absolutely crazy.

Oy, I need to wash my hair. And I really need to dye it, big time. I have so much "snow" on top. I would look a lot better when I get around to taking care of that. Plus, I need a haircut.


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