Who you callin' a turkey? [ 2004-11-26, 11:39 p.m. ]

Yesterday was one of the best Thanksgivings I've ever had.

I started off going to my parents' place at noon. Helped a bit with setting things up. My sister and her kids,minus her eldest daughter who was at her b/f's parents,came over at 1pm. We ate about a half hour after that. The food was wonderful of course. God, I love turkey and stuffing. I could live on that.

But it was just nice to get to talk to my sister since she's been so busy at the photography studio this past month. She and her brood left at 4pm. I stayed around for a while then headed off to my place. Put away my leftovers (yay!) and changed clothes. Then headed on out to Michael's house. Got there at 6pm. His dinner table was so nicely laid out and everything decorated. He loves presentation. It was like the United Nations there. There was somebody from India,Indonesia,Brazil and Mexico. This was Paco's first time making Thanksgiving dinner and he did a fine job. All very traditional food and all.

There was much great discussion from this past election to reality shows. A lot of fun. Most everybody left at 11:30pm. I sent Michael and Paco a thank you ecard when I got home just to thank them for everything.

Today at work started off kinda rough. The place was pretty dead for the day after Thanksgiving and how many people we had working. I was bored to tears. We did end up doing very close to what we did last year on this day but missed our plan by just a bit but not a lot. Tomorrow will most likely be a bit busier, at least I hope so.

Ya know what I wish somebody would give me for Christmas or my birthday in January? A gift certificate for a Swedish massage. That would feel so damn good right now.

Today at work I saw C. who I used to have a huge crush on. I still think he's hot but I'm not all moon eyed over him anymore. I hadn't seen him in several months, maybe a year. It was nice to see him but ya know, that's life. Things weren't meant to be.

I have two more Netflix movies to watch (I sent Elf back yesterday). The Terminal and Before Sunset. Will probably watch them tomorrow night since I open. Which means I should be asleep right now. Oops.

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