Just call me David Chase [ 2004-12-07, 1:15 a.m. ]

Woohoo! I have tomorrow off! Woohoo!

This weekend went okay for the most part. Had a rough start to the day on Sunday at work but it got better. Brenda had neglected to schedule anyone in the cafe to close. She still had the closer being there for a 7pm close not a 9pm close. So that was fun. It worked out though.

Work today was pretty good. But I came home and crashed. Fell asleep at 6:30pm and woke up around 12:30am. So I am up for a while.

I had the most bizarre dream. If you watch the Sopranos, you will totally get this dream.

The dream opens with Tony coming down the gangplank of a large ship. It looks like he might be in Italy. He has a live turkey which he takes to a place that I guess lets people kill their own turkey. (I know. Weird.) You see the turkey in the large glass bowl, its washed. Then place into the next bowl where obviously the ax is going to come down on the neck. The film jumps so you don't actually see that part. Then the dead turkey is in another bowl where its feathers are removed. Then its washed down. Tony is watching this whole thing. This voiceover comes over and shows him what happened to the turkey. Tony goes over and sticks his finger into the turkey bringing back blood and puts his finger in his mouth.

Yep. That was my dream. That pretty much rivals this past season's dream episode.

I am off again on Friday and I'm going to shop shop shop. Brenda is most likely going to shop with me. I'd like to get all of my shopping done. This week at work is also 40% off week for employees. Cool!

Tomorrow is really my last day off where I plan on doing nothing at all. Next week starts the one day off thing for managers and I'll need that day off to get things done around the house and whatnot.

Except for the dream description this has been a pretty boring entry. You can see why I'm not updating everyday,non?

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