My last year to be thirtysomething [ 2005-01-27, 1:57 p.m. ]

I was trying to figure out last night how to insert pics into my entry. But it was too much trouble. And the diaryland instructions aren't very helpful. So as soon as I figure it out I'll put in some recent photos.

Today is my 39th birthday. My Mom and Mandy came yesterday to clean my house with me. They really rock. Really, really do. The place looks so much better. I do need to get rid of some clutter though. What I don't understand is how it accumulates. And I hate clutter. I feel so much better without all this crap surrounding me. Gah!!

Later this afternoon I'll be going over to my parents' for a birthday dinner. Then a cake cutting (choc.cake w/choc. icing). Mandy will be coming over for that. Christy sent me a check for $39 which I will be spending at Lane Bryant for some clothes. My parents, I already know, will be giving me either cash or a gift card to LB to use. And when Mandy gets another paycheck she'll be giving me money as well (I think). I mainly want a few new shirts and a couple pants.

I watched The Bourne Supremacy last night. Great action flick. I went to see Sideways at the movie theatre on Tuesday by myself. Really enjoyed it. Great writing and acting. I really related to Paul Giamatti's character. He is a fantastic actor. I really wish he'd been nominated for an Oscar.

I also watched on dvd Maria Full of Grace which was an interesting story with a good lead actress. She was nominated and rightfully so.

I go back to work on Monday. Blah. But that's life.

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