Movies! [ 2005-01-28, 10:33 p.m. ]

Hiya. Right now its 27 degrees outside. We are expecting a big ice/snow storm tomorrown. Nothing that can compare to what the Northeast got but enough to send the weather people into a tizzy. I'll be fine as long as I don't lose power. Cable I can do without for a couple days since I do have dvds I could watch.

Speaking of dvds, I watched Napoleon Dynamite last night. I thought it was pretty funny though it did drag a bit in the middle. I'd still recommend it anyway.

I borrowed my Mom's dvd of The Godfather last night and watched that as well. I put on Francis Ford Coppola's commentary which was interesting. The Godfather is one of my favorite movies of all time.

I went shopping this afternoon. Along with the $39 that Christy sent me for my bday, I also got $40 from my parents and $20 from Mandy. Then when I got home and checked my mail yesterday there was a bday card from Michael with a $20 gift card to Lane Bryant. Score! So I had a total of $119 to spend. I bought a pair of pants and 3 shirts which came up to $121 so I did ok. Then I went to the Payless next door to LB and bought some shoes that were on sale for $10.99. I'm hoping they'll be comfortable for wearing to work. But mainly I wanted shoes that weren't just for work. When it isn't warm weather I don't have many shoe options.

My auction of eBay for "Vanishing Acts" by Jodi Picoult sold for $35!!! I couldn't believe it! Wow! and Woohoo!!

There has been some kind of bug that I think (and hope) is outside my window for a few months now. I can hear it make some kind of noise that almost sounds like a cicada. But I don't think it is. I really need to check it out but I keep forgetting to. It doesn't so much bother me but I am curious to see it. Its quite loud.

I went to the theatre after shopping and met up with Michael and Paco. We saw Million Dollar Baby. I can see why it was nominated for Best Picture and Director and all the Acting noms, too. Not what I was expecting. Its not a typical sports movie. I don't want to spoil it for anybody. Go see it yourself.!

So next on the Oscar viewing for me is to see Ray, The Aviator and Finding Neverland.

Tonight I have Open Water to watch on dvd.

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