One day at a time [ 2005-02-03, 12:00 a.m. ]

Seriously,people. Go bid on the book I have on eBay! Do it now! A Changed Man by Francine Prose

I think I'm a bit recovered from that crappy day on Monday. God. I hate those days when you feel like the world is complete and utter shit. I just needed to step back and regain some feeling of control. It ain't perfect but my life could be a lot worse.

Tomorrow I have off. But the weather might be getting a bit dicey so I'm not sure if I'm still going to go to dinner with Mandy and see a movie. Depends on how the roads are. Neither of us care to drive in that kind of stuff (sleet/freezing rain/snow) if we don't have to. But I really hope it doesn't so we can go out. We're planning on going to Outback with the gift cards Christy gave us at Christmas. Then go to the dollar movie. I'm not sure what we'll see. She mentioned "The Grudge" but I'd rather see something that will be worth the time. Besides its on dvd now and I'd just as soon see it that way.

I have a couple of movies from Netflix to watch. "The Village" and "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow".

I know I said I was going to turn in my dvr and turn off the digital cable. But for now I just cut off the movie channels which ended up saving me only about $11. So we'll see how that goes. I really love that dvr and you can only have it if you have digital cable as well. But at least I did lower my Netflix subscription by $8.00. I guess I can always borrow movies from my Mom that she gets from Netflix if I want to. I think I'll also weed out the movies I have in my queue to ones that I really want to see since they limit you to 4 dvds a month on this program.

I'm really boring today. Oh well. Better than bursting into tears.

I'm off to make some dinner.

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