Happy VD!! [ 2005-02-15, 12:33 a.m. ]

Happy VD!!

I won't go into all the reasons I hate this holiday. Deep down I hate it because I have nobody. But I won't admit that out loud. I prefer to act cynical about it.

I have got a wonderful head cold right now. *sneeze* Yech. I've felt worse and just hope it doesn't develop into a sinus infection as my colds are wont to do.

I'm just Mary Sunshine, aren't I? Trying to think positive..ok..

Well, the day started off crappy since Amy called in sick. So I was the only closing manager. But..the night was pretty quiet and I felt pretty good despite the fact that I only got an hour and a half of sleep. I'm insane,by the way. Why the heck do I do that to myself?

Anyways, Christy called and wanted me to bid for her on some dinnerware on eBay. So I called her when I got home and talked with her for about 45 minutes while I bid on an item and told her how eBay works and all. That was nice to just talk with her. Nothing serious. Just chatting. She's going to call again tomorrow night when the item is almost down to the last hours.

Have any of you out there ever been to a bookstore called Joseph Beth? They are opening one across the street from my store. The mall across the street has been renovating for the past couple years and this store is just one of the new stores to our area to be opening. I went to the Joseph Beth website and filled out an extensive application. Even took a Myers Briggs type test. So if they actually give me an interview and offer me a job, it will have to be for a few thousand more dollars than I'm making at my store. I mean, what's the point of leaving if I can't get more money? I like most of the people I work with so I don't want to leave them if I don't have to. So, I'm thinking that if I do get a good offer then I'll go to my manager and see if they can match it. That would be nice, wouldn't it? But first they need to call me for an interview.

This just in..Kiefer rocks. I'm watching my recording of tonight's ep of 24.

I totally need to go to bed. Soon. Very soon.

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