Do you want to play a game? [ 2005-03-09, 1:28 a.m. ]

The concert was great. Elvis Costello is the best. Just the best. This was the first time he'd ever played our fair city. I'm so happy I got to see him. Candy and I were on the floor about 15 feet from the stage dead center. He's so damn cute. *swoon* There's something about that mischievous smile he has. And the glasses of course. Can't forget the glasses.

He played for about 2 hours. No encore but that was cool. He played about every song I knew by him except for "Everyday I write the book". My throat is kinda raw from singing along and all the whooing.

I know one thing. The next concert I go to I'm wearing sneakers. The shoes I wore tonight are comfortable enough but not meant to have me stand in one place for 3 hours without my feet going numb. Ow.

I slept about 9 hours last night. Yummy. Sleep. Then I took a nap for about a half hour this afternoon. Mmm. Sleep. Its quite orgasmic.

Tomorrow I'm going over to the parents' and have some of my Mom's scrumptious homemade beef stew. Its wunderbar, I tell you.

Also I need to clean out my freezer. That's my chore for tomorrow. There's stuff that's been in there for a couple years I think. Ick.

Candy was telling me about how work was today. She mentioned that Jonathan had asked her if she'd applied to Joseph Beth, the new bookstore across the street in another month or two. She said no but had other people done so. He said that yes other people had. I don't know if I've told him about me applying..I think I have. But apparantly he mentioned that Liz, a part-time bookseller, had applied. Its just as well. Liz and Amy are a couple now and since Amy is her superior that just really isn't a good situation. As far as I know, Jeff or Chris do not know about their romance. Its one thing to be friends with someone you're over but you can't have a romance. If you want to do that, then one of you needs to transfer to another store. I mean, if necessary, how would Amy treat Liz if Liz screwed up somehow? I feel like I can't say anything negative about Liz around Amy. Not that Liz is that bad but she's just a bit bitchy sometimes and does not take direction that well. You have to tell her things a couple more times than necessary.

Oh well. Who cares really?

My big project for the house this week is to organize my cd collection. It drives me insane how fucked up it is. I can't really find anything. I know I have an Elvis Costello greatest hits cd somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find it.

What is the deal with people who go to concerts and are obnoxious? There was this guy who wouldn't stop whooing when it was quiet. This guy probably goes to a Josh Groban concert and does the same thing. Idiot. Is it just in the south that this guy does it? I'm hoping it isn't just exclusive. Other people should feel my pain.

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