Night and Day [ 2005-03-12, 12:47 a.m. ]

So I did it. I alphabetized my cds. I have 753 cds. I put them on the floor in the living room and sat down on the floor. A mistake when you have arthritis in one hip. But I battled through the pain. I am invincible. I am Woman.

Anywho...I found that Elvis Costello greatest hits! I was so happy to find it you have no idea. And I saw other cds I'd forgotten about. The cds aren't strictly alphabetized but all the A's, B's,C's etc., are together. I'll do the details on that another time. It was enough for me to get the prelimanary part done. And boy, were those things dusty. Blech.

Crap. The Contender is making me cry. There is something about boxing that, while violent, is also very personal. The guy who lost is the one I was rooting against. But the way he reacted with his family was so cool that I felt bad that he lost. Stupid reality tv. Stop manipulating me!

I watched the dvd of De-Lovely tonight. Its the Kevin Kline movie about Cole Porter. At first I wasn't getting into it but the music and then the storyline drew me in. Kevin Kline was great and so was Ashley Judd as his wife. That movie made me want to get out my Cole Porter cd that I organized today. I'm so happy I know where it is!!

Ya know, I would have so many more cds than I do if I wasn't selling them for money every once in a while. Plus, I don't buy them very often. I feel like the last one I bought was Franz Ferdinand and that was maybe in December.

Two more days of my mini-vacation left. Tomorrow I'll be going over to my parents' for steaks and cleaning a few clothes,of course. Sunday will be the official lazing around day. Not to be confused with yesterday, which was the unofficial, not properly sanctioned lazing around day.

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