Money..that's what I want [ 2005-04-05, 7:41 p.m. ]

Its 78 degrees. Geez. I guess I should feel ok about that since I got a call today from the gas company. The voicemail said that I needed to call them back because my gas would be cut off in 24 hours. Since I only use it for heat and not for hot water, I really don't care. It isn't a big priority.

I went to the record store today and sold my many cds and dvds. Got $160 in cash. Which made me go "whew!". That was a relief. Plus, yesterday I sold the 10 cds of the Modern Rock series from Time Life on eBay. Got $40 for those. At least I was able to pay rent. And I can fill up my car when I need to. That's the main thing. If they shut off my cable..I'll live till next paycheck. C'est la vie.

I have had 3 movies from Netflix for about 2 weeks and have yet to watch them. It isn't that I don't want to watch the movies its just there is usually something on tv or I'm too tired to concentrate on a movie. I'm this close to cancelling my Netflix. I cancelled my newspaper delivery yesterday. Honestly, I was rarely reading it except for the comics. I can always read it at work since we carry the paper.

I have over 10 hours of music now in my iTunes because of all the songs I downloaded from the cds I sold today. Cool,eh? I mentioned this to my boss and he said he thinks he has about 6 days of music in his iTunes. Showoff.

My allergies have been kicking my ass the past couple days. Watery eyes, itchy nose and sneezing. Ugh.

Tomorrow night I may be going to a surprise birthday party for my former boss,Tammy. It will be her 40th. She's not even a year older than me but I always felt like she was so much older for some reason. I would tell somebody that and they couldn't believe it. I do look a lot younger than her. I've been blessed with good genes in that I don't look my age. Usually about 5-10 years younger on a good day. I'll stop bragging now.

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