My lucky number's two! [ 2005-04-12, 3:38 p.m. ]

Another workday is over. Thank God. It wasn't that bad but still there are moments where I want to throw things. As I mentioned a week or two back, one of the dept.managers is dating one of the booksellers who is also working in the cafe as needed. This bookseller apparantly thinks she can just get away with shit because of dating a mgr. WRONG! I had to tell her that when she's calling to say she's running late, she needs to speak to a manager not just whoever is in the cafe. She acted like this was news to her. I call bullshit.

Anyway, I was taking my lunch and sitting at a table near the cafe but obscured from view by a display. I could halfway hear her on the phone whining about being corrected. Gah. Shut. Up.


I got an email yesterday from my old friend,Helen. She told me that her father died back in February. That was so sad. I knew he'd been sick. I can't remember what from but he was getting up in age. Her parents were older because she was born at least 10 years after the last child.

I had emailed her on the spur of the moment because on the digital cable music station that plays retro songs, they were playing "Lucky Number" by Lene Lovich. Helen introduced me to that song and I always think of her whenever I hear it.

Brenda is going to give me an extra disc that she has of Resume Maker tomorrow. I really want to get that going so then I can really concentrate on applying. On my breaks I usually read magazines. But for the most part all I've been looking at our career advice books. I've said it before that I'm going to leave but this time is for real. It won't be easy to leave my comfort zone. I mean, I've been there for over 11 years now. But, hey, I used to switch schools all the time when I was a kid so I figure I can do the same kind of thing as an adult.

With all the moves and the bussing that went on, I ended up going to 9 different schools. I learned to make friends.

I think I'm going to watch one of the movies from Netflix that have been languishing away on top of my digital cable/dvr box. I have to choose from "I heart Huckabees", "The Notebook" and "Alfie". I think I'll watch the first one.


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