Mmm...sleep [ 2005-04-20, 12:55 a.m. ]

Holy crap. I was so exhausted today that after I finally ate some dinner, I just laid down and didn't get up for 5 hours. I only got up again a half hour ago. It felt great though.

Work was pretty tiring, obviously. I had merchandising to do this morning. And Jonathan was supposed to come in at 10am but of course forgot and came in at 11am instead. Whatever. I made him finish the merching because I had to work on this stupid frontlist placement form and map for the big store visit on Thursday. I'm not really sure I did it completely right but I left it for Jeff to look at tomorrow morning. I can always re-do it tomorrow night when I work. At least the day didn't leave me bored. It was needy customer day. Ya know, those people who call the store and make me do their personal shopping. And those people who actually come in who have no idea how a bookstore is laid out. I just don't get it. I directed this one woman over to a section because I couldn't go with her. I noticed a few minutes later when I was walking down the center aisle that she was wandering around looking like she didn't understand the alphabet. People. I tell ya.

So. There's a new Pope now. I'm not Catholic so I don't care all that much. I was around when the last Pope was selected. I remember it well and I don't think he was chosen this quickly. Anyways, this guy is pretty old so I doubt he'll be around for more than 10 years. He's just as conservative as John Paul II was. I doubt the Church will change policys anytime soon. Glad I'm not Catholic. I just don't think I could handle the Church telling me what to do and not do in my life. At least as a Protestant (Methodist/Presbyterian) the church sort of has the live and let live kind of philosophy.

I had a really vivid dream tonight about Seth Cohen/Adam Brody. Nothing sexual (unfortunately) but it was like a very good, heartbreaking episode of The O.C.. I don't know why I dreamed it since this year the show isn't quite as good as the first season. But I continue to watch anyway.

I was at the drugstore yesterday and could not find a jar of Vick's VapoRub anywhere. Dang. And I didn't feel like asking the clerk. What's up with hiding or not carrying that essential product?!

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