Going Postal [ 2005-05-07, 4:52 p.m. ]

You'll never believe what I did yesterday. Oh,wait. Yes, you will because I do it too often. I worked during the day and once I finally made it home, it was after 5pm. I turned off the tv and crawled into bed and fell asleep till after 11pm. Judith,Judith,Judith. Will you never learn?


I ended up staying awake till after 4am. Managed to get about an hour and a half more of sleep before getting up for work again. I had a twitch in my left eye most of the day. Fun.

But anyways,after work yesterday I had to go the Post Office to mail an eBay item (I got $25 for a book! Woohoo!). The line was almost out the door naturally. But this was the downtown Post Office and is usually pretty quick. But for some reason there was only one window open. This lady in front of me was getting a bit agitated. Not obnoxious but she was trying to speak up for the rest of us,ya know? She asked the postal worker at the window if there was somebody they could call to help or to get the manager of the station to the front. No,there's no paging system. A minute after that, the lady asked the postal worker for the manager's number. She dialed it on her cell phone and a couple minutes later almost all the windows open. Hee. It really makes you wonder what the hell those people were doing back there. And no way to page anybody? C'mon,government people. I'm in retail and I always have a way to page for backup. I would've died if a customer had had to resort to calling the store to let me know that the cashwrap needed more help.

Today after work I went to the record store and exchanged a few cds for the new Ryan Adams cd "Cold Roses". It sounds great. Two more days till I go to see him.

I had about $1.50 left in credit so I looked at the dollar cds and didn't see anything. Then I looked at the soundtracks and found the cd sdtrk for the movie "Until the End of the World". I have that on cassette. I used to listen to that cd a lot at the record store that I worked at back in the early '90's. Its got Nick Cave,REM,Lou Reed,Patti Smith,U2,Talking Heads and Elvis Costello on it among others. Its excellent. So I just had to fork over $2 for that. Which was ok because I had done another transaction of selling them cds instead of trade.

I've been watching the dvds from season 1 of Alias from Netflix. I just started watching the show this season so I didn't know all the backstory. That first season was a doozie. I have another dvd to watch tonight so that's the fun for tonight. I used to want to be a spy. Oh,let's face it. I still do.

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