Come to the dark side [ 2005-05-20, 2:27 a.m. ]

I went to go see Star Wars III today. It was rather spontaneous. I was at work and thought, heck why don't I go today? So, I did. I went to the 4:20pm showing. I got to the theatre at about 3:45 so I had a bit of a wait before the previews started. There were quite a few teenagers there and they were fairly rowdy but not too bad, actually. Once the movie started and the Star Wars logo came up, everyone burst into applause. It was pretty neat.

I really enjoyed the movie. Its totally worth seeing in the theatre. I know I'm going to go see it again. It was just that fun and cool. I'm not even a Star Wars junkie but I felt like it was fitting I see the last one in the theatre. I saw all the original ones in the theatre as I grew up. Saw A New Hope when I was 11. Empire when I was 14, I think. And Return of the Jedi when I was 16. I'm old, people. I was the kid who had a crush on Mark Hammill and later on, Harrison Ford. MH was more the type you had a crush on when you were a pre-teen. HF is for when you're ready for a real man. No offense there, Mark.

I sold all 3 books that I had on eBay! Woohoo! That was about $46. Hell,yes.

Speaking of money...I talked to my lawyer's paralegal today. Set up my appointment for filing. It will be June 8th. Which is two days before a paycheck that I was going to use to pay the rest of the lawyer fee. Turns out I need to pay the whole chunk at once instead of installments of two. So, my rent will just have to be 5 days late. Whatever. I want this over and done with. I'll probably have it put in front of a trustee and whatnot by the end of June. Which was the original plan but I have no choice since my lawyer will be on vacation for a week or so anyway.

I was so tired today once I finally got home. It was around 7:30pm when I got through the door. So I was gone for over 12 hours. I got enough sleep last night, for once. That was because I'd only gotten 2 hours the night before. So by the time I got home today and cleaned up the kitchen, I watched The O.C.,which had a good finale, and then fell asleep for 2 1/2 hours.

This morning I was feeling rather bitchy and was trying to figure out why. Not from lack of sleep. Not really understaffed. Not PMSing. Ok, then. Just a bitch. I hate feeling that way and when I catch myself doing it, I try to reign it in. The day got better though I had some rough moments when I talked to the paralegal. I had to make that decision about delaying my rent, which wasn't easy. But it'll be fine. I think.

Tomorrow I have off. It'll be my last day off till my vacation starts next Friday. I'll be going to Charleston from Friday to Monday. Yay! Check out this site and click onto photos. You can see the most recent posted photos of the new Cooper River Bridge. Its a beauty. And I'm terrified to drive over it.

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