Like the corners of my mind [ 2005-07-01, 4:49 a.m. ]

I'm selling a couple of books on eBay right now. Both are advanced reader copies. The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella and Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell. Go bid now!

Ever notice that the older you get then the younger that people who are older than you look? (what a convoluted sentence) Amy and I were closing tonight with this guy who has so many annoying ticks but I try try try to be positive about things he does well. His till always balances perfectly. Never off by more than a penny, if that. He's very methodical. So anyway, we were straightening up the store and asked him how old he was. Dude is 48 years old. I totally would have guessed late '30's. Didn't expect him to be older than me. Very strange.

My back hurts. Yet I did nothing today that would have this happen. Truly. My feet didn't even hurt at the end of the night which is rare. Basically, I performed one brief interview for a cafe server. Labored over the schedule for the week ending 7/16, which is Harry Potter release day. Fun stuff. Then I worked on some assignment sheets for next week. I don't mind paperwork really. It's something that I do well. Customer service is the other thing I excell at doing. Everything else takes an extra effort.

Heh. I just got a Paul Anka clue correct on Jeopardy! just now. (I'm watching the show from this evening on my dvr). Sometimes these contestants just amaze me at their lack of knowledge of good, old-fashioned trivia.

I've got one disc left to watch in season 3 of 24. Not only do I want all the seasons of Alias (I have season 1) but I also now want all the seasons of 24. Besides..Keifer. Who can resist that?

I remember when I first saw him in The Lost Boys. Other people slobbered over Jason Patric, who is definitely a cutie. But I totally went gaga over Keifer. Who cared if he played a bad guy vampire? He was hot. And the bad guy thing also made him more yummy. I can't help it. I go for the bad boys. After seeing him in that, I had to rent all his other movies. Still amazes me that I haven't been watching 24 from the beginning. I blame the fact that I couldn't keep up with each episode so why bother if you're going to miss one. I do know I've seen a couple episodes from season 2. One particularly because he was being tortured while he was naked. Whoo!

Today at work when I was at the cashwrap, I saw a guy talking to Candy who was to my left at her register. While I was waiting on my customer, I could hear him asking about where we put our freebie papers. I recognized the voice and looked over and saw that it was my old boss from when I worked at the nightclub. I said hello to him and he was "Judy,how the hell are you?". Hee. I couldn't talk to him too much but I asked him about the guy who was his partner back in those days and he told me that Tim had just had his 4th child born. Wow! Time flies. I told JL to say hello to Tim for me. I also fit in JL's music scene freebie into the space. I did this "illegally" since I'm supposed to run it by my district manager but I did read it and it was pretty good.

I'm off tomorrow but I'll be going in the afternoon to meet up with Michael to keep our weekly appt. to chat.

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