The final countdown [ 2005-07-13, 9:36 p.m. ]

Almost halfway through my day today, I realized that my shirt was on inside out. Seriously. Nobody, at least nobody said anything, noticed. I looked down and realized that the stitching looked wrong. Geez. I can't even dress myself.

I'm close to the boiling point on stressing from planning for the Harry Potter part for Friday. I'm really hoping I get a lot of backup the whole night from the other managers and from key personnel. Thankfully, Allyson, who used to work perm.part-time at the store, came back for a couple months this summer to work. She's an elem. teacher so I've been able to give her the lead on the kids activites. That was a true weight off of my shoulders. Pray for me that everything goes ok.

I need to email Michael about the fact that some of us wanted to go dancing on Sat.night. And I will truly need that release. A couple of fruity girl drinks (cause that's all it takes) and some loud dance music and some gay men to dance with. Woot!

I called my 401k people yesterday about the possibility of taking out my loan. I just need to call back a week from Friday and I'll be able to process it. Thank God.

And just in time, too. Cause my car is committing suicide. I'll get the loan to pay my mom back entirely with some extra to take care of my car. I was totally wigging out on my way to my parents' today cause it kept choking everytime I came away from a stoplight. Argh. I think my blood pressure was at the maximum by the time I got there. I got my mom to let me borrow her car for a couple weeks till I have the money to fix mine. Thank God for my parents.

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