Rage against the machine [ 2005-07-22, 5:18 a.m. ]

When I went into work today I was in a bit of a snit. And it only got worse. I was supposed to open but because of Jonathan having to go to a funeral and Amy for some reason having to leave town right after getting off of work, I got moved to closing. Again. Which sucked. So I was a bit miffed at her for that. I mean, she was going to be a mid-shift originally which means she gets off work at 7:30. Where the hell was she really going at that time anyway? I call bullshit.

So I wasn't too friendly or talkative when our shifts overlapped. She barely said goodbye..not before doing her usual "Do you care if I leave a bit early?" She was leaving 15 minutes early which ya know what..maybe I DO care. Dammit. But I said no,that's fine. I wished her a good vacation but I don't think she heard me. And I don't care.

I like Amy. She's a good person. But her work ethic is pretty lousy. She's constantly taking personal phone calls. She spends more time in the office than she needs to as a dept.manager. She can be really fast at getting stuff done but that doesn't excuse the other stuff.

I'm just venting. Don't mind me.

I'm so glad Friday is here. Payday. Which means I can call about my 401k loan this morning. Thank God. I paid all my utilities and even bought on eBay the dvd set of season 4 of Alias. It doesn't come out in stores till Oct. I carefully checked it out and it looked legit so Yay! I can't wait. I now just need season 2 & 3.

I close again tonight. Blah. I open on Saturday. The suicide shift. That's what we call closing then opening the next day. You feel like committing suicide when you have to work it. But it's not too bad if it gets me out of this stupid closing crap. This will be my 3rd close this week.

Oh and guess what I did when I closed on Tuesday. I left the cart that we wheel out everyday on the sidewalk that has 1/2 price books on it, ..I left it out overnight. So the next morning all but 3 books were gone. I suck.

To top off my snit for the day, I got the August schedule that Candi (upcoming new manager) faxed over. It totally sucks. This is the manager schedule that she did. And I ended up working 3 Sundays while Diane works 2 and Candi works 1. Fuck that shit.

I'm also getting a bit anxious about being able to take my vacation in Sept. We have this whole re-alignment of working procedures for the store that we have to be "certified" from Home Office for. Our "certification" date could possibly be smack dab in my vacation. We won't know our date till mid-August. I know one damn thing for sure. I'm not going to miss my family reunion which is at the beginning of my vacation, Labor Day weekend. They can kiss my lilywhite ass.

I think I need some sleep.

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