Zzzzzzzz.... [ 2005-07-24, 5:38 a.m. ]

Holy moley. I closed on Friday and I opened yesterday. Ended up with two hours of sleep, as usual. So I came home yesterday afternoon and fell asleep around 5:30 and woke up close to 2am. I was pooped. I didn't even get up to turn off the light.

Anyway, I've been up since 2am of course. But at least I got around 8 hours of sleep. I have to work yet again today but at least I open.

After I got off work yesterday, I went to the record store to trade in some cds. That's right TRADE in not sell. Yay! I got about $55 credit. So I got:

Elbow Cast of Thousands It was only $9.00 in the used bin though it was still shrink-wrapped. Score!

Starsailor Silence is Easy, used for $9.00. I love these guys but hadn't gotten around to purchasing this though it came out last year.

Belle & Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress used for $12, I think because it's an import.

Death Cab for Cutie We have the facts and We're voting Yes used for $5.00. I have no idea why it was that cheap. I thought maybe it was ep but it has 10 tracks on it.

Foo Fighters In Your Honor new for $19.95, it's a double cd. I like the Foo.

Yay for new music. I love this feeling of having some disposable income. Of course those were basically free. Cool.

I did my loan last night on the computer so I think I'll probably have a check by the end of the week. They send it pretty fast from what I remember. I can't fucking wait.

That feeling of knowing I'll be able to pay my Mom back in full. Then I'll have the money to completely fix my car. Not just what it's been doing lately but repairing the radiator which has a leak for a long time. Being able to keep it maintained will at least help me keep it for a while longer.

I was watching these past two weeks on the Game Show Network, the first season of The Amazing Race. They showed an episode every day so the whole season was done in about 2 weeks. Talk about instant gratification. I only just started TAR (as the Television Without Pity people call it) two seasons ago but immediately got hooked. I love anything about traveling so combine that with great editing and fun challenges...perfect reality show. Then toss in Phil Keogan for the lust factor.

After work today I'll be heading over the parents' house for clothes-washing and food. No manager meeting Monday morning since Jeff will be leaving in another week anyway. Yay.

Yay to no meeting. Not necessarily Yay for Jeff leaving. Jeff is a good guy. Just not a great manager though.

I've finally started the fifth Harry Potter book. Yes, the one that came out 2 years ago. I've gone this long without being spoiled for who dies but unfortunately a couple weeks ago I was reading a certain d-lander's diary..I won't say who but her name rhymes with mathpubberry, and she mentioned the name of the person who dies. Oh,it's not her fault. I mean it has been TWO years for crying out loud. It's ok. I'm reading it anyway. I'm about 4 chapters and I like how pissed off Harry is. He's definitely a 14 year old.

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