Beer and Vicodin [ 2005-08-28, 12:00 a.m. ]

An entry is which I talk about beer and vicodin....Sounds fun!

So my last day off was Wednesday and because my vacation starts next Friday, I'm working 8 days in a row. Which is ok since I have my vacation to look forward to.

Yesterday I was starting to go a little mental because I was freaking out a bit about today. I opened today and I had an author coming in to do a booksigning. This was one that our former manager committed us to. So now with little managerial staffing till our new manager comes in officially..well,that means managers are working solo shifts most of the time.

So I was starting to work myself into a big lather. Finally I just stopped myself and said "just go in in the morning and do everything early so you'll be all set up for it. Be proactive!" Which is what I did. Before we opened I had the whole thing set up so I wouldn't have to go rushing around. Made signs for the signing,put out the books,set up the table and chairs. One of the things I was a bit worried about yesterday was the fact that we were getting these books on consignment since it was a small press. I wasn't sure on what form to use but new manager,Candi,found the right form last night and left it on the desk for me. So cool of her. She knew I was a bit worried about this whole thing.

The author came in with his rep and I got them free coffee and chatted a few minutes with them. He even came up to me later and gave me a free signed copy of his book which I thought was really nice.

The whole reason that made my attitude changed and I was very upbeat about everything was actually two things. I adjusted my attitude. And I took my last Vicodin (from my broken toe prescription) because my body/feet were starting to really stiffen up after I ate lunch at 11am. It was really what I needed to help me push past that wall.

Anyway. I came home and took an hour nap. Then at 7:30pm,Christie,former lead bookseller that I went to see Ryan Adams with back in May,came over and picked me up to go see her favorite guy,Glen Phillips who used to sing for Toad the Wet Sprocket. He was opening for Sister Hazel at the Tremont Music Hall here in town. I mainly went cause I knew how much she loves that guy and she was going to go alone.

He was really good and I'll probably end up getting his cd. After his set, he had a nice conversation with Christie about books. She was really high on that. The ultimate combination. Talking with your favorite singer about books!! I'm not being sarcastic!

It was so hot in that club that even though I drank two beers I didn't have to go to the bathroom. Usually halfway thru a beer I have to go. But I was sweating it all out. Ugh. I really need autumn to get here and soon.

Tomorrow is a 13 hour work day. Why? Because tomorrow night Candi and the other managers plus some help from another store are going to be staying late into the night to reset the receiving room for these new guidelines we have. Luckily, I'll have our head cashier with me till 4:30pm and we close at 7pm so I'll live.

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