It's hammer time [ 2005-09-10, 1:56 a.m. ]

Another day of my vacation about gone. Two more days left. Sigh. How depressing. There's nothing like that feeling of knowing your vacation..much-needed vacation at coming to a close. You always get this feeling that you could've gotten so much done. And if you're usually get very little done.

My Mom called today to say that Mandy figured that the modem on my Mom's new computer was bad. So I'm going with my Mom tomorrow to help her exchange it and then set it up again. AGAIN. Crap. My poor Mom. I did my best to act like that was fine. When really all I wanted to do tomorrow was try to start on those damn rough drafts. But Mom comes first.

Today, I met up with Brenda at the mall. I figured that I haven't been there in about a year. Weird. Anyway, I found a sale at Dillard's. They had FOSSIL handbags 50% off. I bought a really cool black suede one for $25. And then found a little poly/vinyl aqua Liz Claiborne purse for $5!! So of course I scooped that up. I really don't care that much about name brands but I do believe that if you can find a sale on them..go for it!

I also went to a video store and bought for $9.99 the dvd of Eurotrip. And at Hallmark I got two pairs of Halloween earrings. I love when holiday stuff is put out. I get a bit too excited.

TO make myself feel better about spending money I did donate some money to the Red Cross while at the video store. If you haven't done so yet..give what you can to the Red Cross or whatever organization you support that is helping all the people on the Gulf Coast. (/end of PSA)

I came home from the mall this afternoon and the roofer yelled down to me. He wanted to know if I would mind if they worked on Sunday. I said that yes, I would mind. Give me one fucking day left in my vacation to not hear that damn hammering!!! Gah!! They've been doing this since WEDNESDAY!! It should not take more than two days to redo the roof of a pretty small house.

Tonight was watching movies with Michael and Paco. 3 movies again. Two were foreign (sub-titled) movies. The Testament of Dr. Matuse--a German movie from 1933 that was eerily prophetic of what was to come in short order. Very interesting and well-done. Directed by Fritz Lang.

Sisters--Brian de Palma movie from 1973. Overwrought and just rather stupid in some parts. Not awful but not worth the time.

Jet Lag--French movie starring Juliette Binoche and Jean Reno. Nice little romantic comedy. Kinda fluffy but ok.

I've been enjoying a few cds lately. The new Death Cab for Cutie "Plans", Ray LaMontagne "Trouble" (actually came out last year but a song was used on last week's episode of RESCUE ME)..he's like a combo of Otis Redding and Ryan Adams. Higly recommend checking him out. Also, I just got Greg Dulli's new cd "Amber Headlights"..typical funky,rocking,sexy Dulli. Love it.

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