Where Soul Meets Body [ 2005-10-20, 10:46 p.m. ]

Congrats to all you lottery winners out there. One of these day North Carolina will get their act together and pass the lottery here. Until then, people in Charlotte have to go a few miles to cross the SC border to play. I've never bought one in all the times I've visited my sister in Charleston. I keep meaning to but just..haven't.

Today was kind of a weird day at work. I think I got up on the wrong side of the bed and I kept having to fight with my grumpiness. I mean,things weren't all that bad but I kept feeling cranky. Until I got my lunch at 1pm and then..ahhh..the power of a club sandwich. I swear to God,it's like feeding food to a lion to get him to not chew off your hand. Yep,that's me.

Anyway,when Diane came in for the closing shift at 2pm she first sat down with Jonathan about something top secret. She wouldn't even tell me what it was just that she'd sit down with me when he came back from his lunch at 3pm. All I could think was that she was giving her notice. And as much as I bitch about Diane, you gotta understand that I've known her 11 years. I can bitch about her only because I love that woman. Know what I mean? She really is a great person to work with.

So I go into the office at 3pm and she tells me that she's having health problems. That she'd found a lump in her breast and that it was cancerous. She's going in for surgery sometime in the next few weeks to have it removed. Then there's the treatment of radiation and chemo. I did tear up a bit when she was telling me. She was pretty emotional having to say all this. Both of us are cryers. But I remained pretty calm and she was able to calm down. I told her that I knew about cancer treatment since my dad had had prostate cancer 4 years ago and had to go through radiation therapy for several months. But he's cancer free now.

She's not one for hugging but when we stood up, I told her, "I'm going to invade your personal space. Let me hug you." So we hugged and I told her that she should take as much time as she needs for recovery from all this. The store will survive,we'll have to hire a couple most likely anyway. I just don't want to think of her as sick. She says she feels fine. And I know that's how cancer can be. Deceiving. And that's it's usually all the treatments that make you feel sick.

I have had one uncle die from cancer and he let it go so long that it had eaten him up inside before he went to a doctor. He thought he had pneumonia,which I guess was probably true. After going into the hospital, he died within a month. We never saw it coming. At least I didn't.

My Uncle Charlie is the one who pestered my dad into going to the doctor for a prostate exam. When my dad finally gave in and went, that's when they found the cancer in it's early stages. My Uncle Charlie saved my dad's life, no doubt about it. And my dad knows it and has told him.

All this makes me know I should go for a checkup. As I approach 40 (in almost 3 months!!), my body is starting to really hate me. Most notably my eyes. I swear my vision has worsened in just one year. Argh. I'm calling the eye doctor for an appt. Hopefully tomorrow or Monday. I don't think it's just driving that I need glasses. It's starting to feel like maybe all the time. Oh.Boy.

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