Moving on [ 2005-11-09, 11:21 p.m. ]

Thanks for the support,my fellow d-landers. YOu are all so great. You really are.

I'm trying my hardest to feel more positive about things. I called a resume service today and the guy told me that his service costs at least $200!! Gimme a break! So I just need to call around some more. I am willing to spend about a hundred dollars but not much more. I know I've talked about putting together my resume before but this time I've got to follow through.

Today was my day off. Next one will be in 7 days so..that means two things for me. I'll have a lot of chances to get things done that the write-up gave me to do yesterday..that was a very long list,people. So it's not just a matter of knowing how to do's a matter of having to do all these things plus do the day-to-day job. Tuesday I was there for about 11.5 hours.

Anyway, secondly it won't give me a whole lot of time otherwise to look for anything. Today was a day of letting it all sink in. I keep playing in my head the final scene of being fired and how I won't be one of those people who meekly leaves. I'm not signing anything. I'm just going to pick up my purse and leave. Fuck them.

So anyway...last night, even though I felt like shit, I hunkered myself down and did my daily goal in my NaNo novel. So that means I'm up to 13,587 words. I'm going to write in it in a few minutes and hope to break 15,000.

I have a new template as you can see. I like it but there is supposed to be an image of a candle to my left here. But as usual I can't get my image html to work. I managed to do it right one time and one time only way back when I first started on d-land. I don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong but I'm really frustrated. But that's the least of my troubles.

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