How long must we sing this song [ 2005-12-12, 11:43 p.m. ]

Hmmm. Let's see. Did anything interesting happen to me today? was crazy busy but I did have good meeting with my manager. I was happy about that.

Then..oh, yes. That's right. THE U2 CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, my friend/employee, Margot got these two tickets for us from her nephew who is a dj up in Philly. So he called her Sunday to let her know he could get two more tickets if she knew anybody else that would want to go. She didn't but asked if I knew some people. I immediately thought of Christie, my concert buddy. And I was thinking of asking Michael but he's not a big time U2 fan. So I was talking to this girl who just transferred into the cafe from another store from out of state. Jen was saying how jealous she was of me going to the concert and how much she loves Bono. I paused and asked her if she was working Monday night. She said, no. I asked if she wanted to use the extra ticket we had. She just about cried. That was cool to make somebody's day like that. When I asked Christie, she was over the moon as well.

So they all met at my house at 6:15 since the arena is downtown, just 5 minutes away. We got there, parked and made our way to the Will Call Band booth. Margot got the tickets and we went to the line for General Admission, meaning the floor. We were suitably impressed, let me tell ya. As we're standing in line the workers said that if when your ticket is scanned, it says Vertigo, then you go into the golden circle (the inner circle that the stage wraps around). Mine didn't read it. Christie's didn't read it. Margot's didn't read it. But then Jen's did. I was sooo jealous in that moment. We'd decided that of course Margot would go with whoever got the Vertigo ticket. The golden ticket a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

So Jen's jumping up and down in excitement and pulls Margot to her side (when you get the golden ticket you can bring one person with you). This guy from the U2 promotion comes up to stamp their tickets and asks how many people are with them. They said 4 in all. So he waved Christie and I over and we got to join them. So, yes. That's right. All four of us were in the golden freakin' circle. I can't tell how stunned, happy, shocked, amazed I was. We got our special wristbands and got to flash them around making people congratulate us on being so lucky.

I'm telling you. There's something about me at concerts. I'm really a very lucky yet crafty individual at concerts. I know how to work it, people. I really really do. I have some kind of good luck fairy perched on my shoulder just for concerts.

The concert was AMAZING, of course. How could it not? They have such a vast catalog of songs that they can't play them all. I knew every single one of them. I was bouncing, jumping, tossing my head around, dancing the whole time. Whenever Bono would come walking around the elipse stage I would pulled like a magnet. I could not help myself. I got some great pics on my camera phone and I will upload them as soon as I get that wire to do so.

I live for this feeling.

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