Those gorram cramps [ 2006-02-03, 1:13 a.m. ]

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Tonight was the Son Volt concert. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling too great. I had an upset stomach after lunch and didn't eat anything before going to the show. Christie bought me a couple of beers. Then the place started really filling up with people and all their cigarettes. Now, let it not be said that in the past I have partaken of cigarettes while drinking but I was not in the mood for all that smoke plus all the heat being generated by the crowd. So we moved back after a few songs where I could breathe some air (always nice). Then I had some water. We moved further back. Then, finally, we left after an hour. Ack. Luckily, Christie was very nice about the whole thing. She likes Son Volt but prefers Wilco more (those two bands come from the original band,Uncle Tupelo). I'm more of a Son Volt person myself because they sound more like UT. Alt-country with a bit of old-school REM.

Anyways, I got home and immediately took a shower because I reeked of smoke. Blech. And I also realized the real reason why I was so queazy. Let's just say I was a week late so it wasn't in my brain that that's why I was feeling like I was. And am. But at least I'm hungry now. Been twelve hours since I ate.

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I watched Serenity on dvd last night. I loved it so much. I watched the Firefly dvds a few months ago and just loved the short-lived Joss Whedon series. The movie was so funny, sad and exciting. I watched it again this afternoon with Joss' commentary.

I'm a geek girl when it comes to him. Not as big of a geek as some people. But I loved Buffy so much and Angel, some of the time..when he killed off Doyle, I boycotted the show for a season in protest. I loved that character.

Anywho..3 more days of vacation left.

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