Can you hear me now? [ 2006-02-16, 7:29 p.m. ]

This will probably be a short entry but I wanted to update about my doctor's appointment today.

I went in and of course had to explain what my troubles were to five million different people. Geez. Anyway, they gave me a little baggie of samples of Allegr@-D and N@sonex. He told me to see how I feel after a few days of using them (he also gave me a script for both of those things) and if I'm not feeling better by Monday, then he'll see if maybe if it's more than bad untreated allergies.

Then, he sent me to the audiologist for a hearing test for my right ear. I did the usual kind of beeps and repeating words. They put headphones on you and it's kinda weird cause you're in a soundproof booth like you're on that old game show. After the beeps and stuff, she put a device in each of my ears that measured how well sound travels in my ear canal. With my left ear (which is normal) you could see a nice spike each time she sent a beep. Then on my right ear, there was almost just a straight line.

The doctor concluded that I seem to have a problem with the muscles that bend to transmit sound. He's having me go see a specialist who will probably be able to fix it through surgery and restore my hearing completely. It's outpatient surgery and takes about an hour. I'm going to see him on Tuesday but I don't know when the surgery will be. I don't know if I can go back to work the next day so I'll just have to see.

It's kinda scary. I mean, it's scary to have this hearing loss. I hate that I have to turn my head around to really hear somebody who is standing on my right side. It's so frustrating. There have been times when it makes me cry. I can see losing my hearing when I'm much much older but to have that happen now..just scary. But the surgery will be a blessing and scary at the same time. I'm going to try to schedule it for a Monday so I can get my sister to go with me.

I actually do feel a bit better from the allergy meds already. Not as congested. I'm hoping it will last.

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