Falling down the snowy mountain [ 2006-02-21, 2:39 p.m. ]

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It always makes me smile to realize that I got to see him in concert last year.

I had my appointment with the specialist today about my right ear. He went over with me what the problem seems to be. The little muscle in my middle ear is not working right or not at all. So with the surgery they would replace it with a prosthetic one to do the job. That will be weird knowing that I have a little fake thing in my ear. Strange.

He told me that there is about a 90% success rate of getting almost full normal hearing back. He did tell me that my hearing loss was significant which made me realize that this isn't something that I'm just whining about. It really matters. I hate to feel like I use this diary to whine and moan about stuff that doesn't really matter. It's one thing to bitch about getting, I don't know, a cut. But I'm really sick to death of feeling like I'm complaining but doing nothing about it. Thusly, my next major appointment will be with a podiatrist to take care of the feet/ankle problem. I'll probably not get to that till June though.

So I've made my surgery date for May 12th. Why so far off? Well, March and April are too busy at work for me to take any recovery time off.

Now Playing: Is She Really Going Out With Him?--Joe Jackson. Joe rocks. I love him.

I'll take about 3-4 days for recovery because the doctor said it could take that long for my balance to go back to normal. Luckily, the 12th is a Friday. So I can be off that day, the weekend and Monday from work. Therefore, not having to take any personal time or anything.

My tummy is still in knots from going to the doctor. All my stress traveled there. Ugh. But I'm really not that stressed really so my stomach needs to get over it. Pronto.

I've been enjoying watching the Olympics. Loved the ice dancing and can't wait for the ladies to start tonight. Yippee! I also liked watching the ski jump and the other one where they do the twists and loops in the air. Who was the first person to try that? That's just crazy.

The evil Girl Scouts were at the grocery store the other day and forced me to buy some Do-si-dos. Evil in a box. I love those things. Why people still eat those nasty Thin Mints, I don't know. I know my mom loves those things but to me, mint and chocolate do NOT belong together. Blech.

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