We talked and never spoke a word [ 2006-03-01, 9:50 p.m. ]

Now Playing: Smoke it--The Dandy Warhols. I think they are sooo dandy.

Yesterday on my day off, I was pretty catatonic. The problem was that I ended up staying up 24 hours. I didn't go to sleep till after 4am Tues. morning. Ridiculous. I get to a point sometimes where I'm reluctant to go to sleep. At all. This diary isn't called "An Insomniac Speaks" for nuttin'. So I pretty much slept, ate and watched tv. But mainly slept. I think my allergies were kickin' it to me despite my lovely Allegr@ and Nas0nex. Those two things do a good job but my allergies are pretty bad and now that it's starting to warm up the pollen is getting all stirred up. Ugh.

I love the change of seasons but I feel like we didn't even get to have a winter at all. Not fair. We'll have to deal with warm weather for most of the rest of the frickin' year. Blah.

Now Playing: Eternal Life--Jeff Buckley.

Work was okay but pretty quiet for the most part. I think most people were at the park with their kids. I did manage to get more done than I thought I would have.

Diane came in to close and she was kinda down. We got mystery shopped and though the bookstore scored perfect, the cafe missed getting it by one. So she's thinking that since she was the manager on duty at the time that she'll be "written up". I don't blame her for being upset. Especially since the cafe server at the time was the cafe manager, who's upset enough about it. It was the speed of service question despite the fact that she was alone for that hour and is pretty sure she called for back-up. Whatever. I tried to reassure both of them. I think I helped with the CM but not with Diane so much.

Oh,man. Now Playing: Word Up!--Cameo. Yes,it's on my iTunes. How embarrassing. And I'm not even skipping over it.

Anyways, sometimes at work I feel like I'm caught between Diane/Jonathan and new manager/new dept. manager. Diane and Jonathan don't have quite the same rapport that I do with those two. I completely understand it and agree with some of their beefs. But I'm trying to just get along and not take things too seriously. Hell, I've got enough on my mind without office politics figuring into it.

I've decided that I'm going to buy an iPod Nano. This is a step down from the original plan to get the $300 super-duper iPod. I've decided that it's time to be realistic and that I should just spend the $150 and therefore, I can get some of the accessories like the car adapter thingy.

Oh,geez. Now Playing: The Flame--Cheap Trick. Now this one I am skipping. Ahh..now here ya go. Prison Food--Ben Folds. I heart him so. He did a cameo spot on the short-lived and badly named but still pretty good show "Love Monkey". He was so cute. He looks like Ernie from "My Three Sons" all grown up. When we saw him in concert last November, that's what I told Christie and she said it was very true.

Tomorrow is another day of opening the store. I've gotten into the habit of setting my coffee-maker up with a strong brew of Starbucks to take with me. Nothing like the auto timer on a coffee-maker. Best.Invention.Ever.

That and iTunes.

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