Come where there's music playing [ 2006-04-05, 3:29 a.m. ]

I gotta say that I'm totally enjoying my blog thing over on myspace. Look down at the bottom of the page and click onto the link. I think I like that my entries over there are less emotional..more like general conversation.

Here though...well,don't worry,dear D-Land. I will always spill my guts over here.

Like how at work today one of the booksellers was being spoken to about his performace by my manager. And he said that he'd heard me "ripping on" him. My manager realized that this was when I was telling her IN THE OFFICE about his job performance. So she realized that he had been eavesdropping. That really pissed me off. Most people have to realize that while at work especially when you eavesdrop you'll rarely hear anything flattering about yourself.

When my manager told me he'd said that, I was incensed that he'd eavesdrop like that AND the fact that I'm usually the first one to defend this guy. He's kinda odd but he's fairly intelligent and halfway funny and one of those people who is overly detail-oriented. Hence the fact that he doesn't get as much done as he should. But also he talks too much and wastes time on stupid things. It's so annoying. And now I have to work the same shift with him tomorrow night. Fun! Oh,well. I wasn't in the wrong so he's the one who gets to feel uncomfortable.

My manager took me up to the cafe and bought me coffee so we could sit down and talk about her conversation with him. We did that so we would know he wasn't lurking around the corner.

The whole action plan thing so far is working out alright. Still trying to be positive and not let it get me down. Just taking it one day at a time. While still planning ahead, ya know.

Oh and five points to you if you can tell me from what my title of this entry is referring to.

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