Who knows where the time goes? [ 2006-06-06, 4:12 a.m. ]

I am back from Charleston. Actually, I came back in to town around 3pm. I made that trip in roughly 3 hours with only one potty stop. I was flying. I think I averaged about 80 mph the whole way. Hee. I love driving my mom's car. If I try to get my own old car up to 65 mph, it starts shaking and protesting and asking for a shawl and saying it wants to watch it's stories. But my mom's speedwagon, a Ford Focus, can really fly as long as the wind doesn't go above 15mph because then I'm sailing off the side of the road. I only exaggerate a tiny bit.

My trip was nice. I've had better there but it was relaxing, at least. Next time, I shall make it down to the beach. That's the part that I was aggrieved about. But I didn't even pack for walking on the beach (no flip flops) so that was a moo point.

Anyhoo, I got there on Thursday around 8pm. We (my sister,Christy; my brother-in-law, Kevin;and me) sat around talking for a few hours and I went to sleep around midnight. My sis and I went to the grocery store on Friday and after that the three of us went to see X-Men 3. It was not as good as the first two but was still okay. I think more shirtless Wolverine scenes would've upped it a notch though. After the movie, we went to a local restaurant and ate a very leisurely served meal of fried seafood. I went to bed pretty early when we got back because my stomach was acting up.

Saturday, I started off feeling a bit yucky but started feeling better mid-day. Friday night, between the movie and dinner, we had gone to B&N and I had bought a couple of new cds, Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs "Under the Covers vol.1" and the Arctic Monkeys' "Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not". Both excellent albums, by the way. Anyway, so went shopping again on Saturday, and I ended up buying 3 cds at the record store. All were on sale though. Two were used and the new one was discounted. But I did tell my sister to not let me buy any more music. I bought a used copy of Ned's Atomic Dustbin "God Fodder", used copy of Morrissey's "Viva Hate" and a new copy of Snow Patrol's latest "Eyes Open". So I'm well stocked on music now. For a few days at least.

Saturday night we geeked out because Star Wars Part III:Revenge of the Sith was premiering on HBO so we ended up watching it. Then we geeked out more and watched Star Wars IV: A New Hope to just get the feeling of the continuing story.

Sunday, we finally went downtown to go to the Market. I bought some light-up keychains with the words "Charleston,SC" on them to give to my fellow managers. Then we went to the Piccolo Spoleto Crafts Fair which always has some very talented artisans displaying and selling their wares. I bought some beautiful earrings for $28 which is about as much as I would ever pay for earrings so you know they were worth it. After that, we headed over to the show we'd bought tickets for. It's called "Rock and Roll Heaven". It's a two hour show of some very talented people impersonating, you guessed it, dead rock legends. Everyone from Elvis to Jim Morrison to Dusty Springfield to Big Mama Thornton. It was a hoot and a half. I had a great time singing along with every song.

Then we headed home for dinner and to watch the dvd of Queen Latifah's movie Last Holiday. I heart that movie. I must buy it.

So I got on the road today and got home and then took a nap for four hours. Because my weekend was so full of activity? Heh. Not really but it's always good to get back in one's own bed.

The plan for the rest of the week is to tidy up some around here and to just go to a few movies and such. And actually get out of the fucking house. That would be a nice change for how my vacays usually go after I get back from Charleston.

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