Feed your head [ 2006-06-16, 10:37 p.m. ]

I came home early from work today due to an upset stomach. Ya know, the kind where you're constantly running to the bathroom. Yea. Blah. I even took something for it but it didn't help the yucky feeling. So I left around 12:30pm. Came home, fiddled on the computer and then slept for a couple hours before going over to my parents' because I badly needed some clothes washed.

I've been watching this past week on VH-1 the 4 part documentary they aired on 4 nights called "The Drug Years". Ah, drugs. As one who has never done anything more than smoke pot, whip-its, mushrooms and lots of bottles of rush (the tiny bottles that had some kind of liquid where when you inhaled the smell you were transported to the moon for several minutes)...ok, typing that out makes me really sound like a druggie..anyway, my point was that I've never snorted coke or shot-up heroin or dropped acid or taken ecstacy. The last two I've considered doing however. I was always afraid to do cocaine because I thought I might die from a heart attack. Heroin I never tried because I do have some brain cells left.

The documentary ended last night and I just finished watching it on my dvr. And then proceeded to take one of my Lortabs that I still have from my surgery. Ha. Nothing like a legal high. But also my tummy is still kinda floofy so it technically is for pain. It just has the added benefit of giving me noodle arms. Which makes it hard to type.

If you read my blog you'll see that I got tickets to see ABC and Echo & the Bunnymen next week. Different nights, same venue but same week. How cool is that I get to relive my twenties all in one week?! Michael and Paco are going with me and I'm so excited to have people my own age to enjoy it with. People who weren't in diapers when those albums came out. Whee! Actually Echo has an album that came out last Sept. and I'm listening to it right now and it's so damn good. Good for them, I say.

I talked to my boss yesterday about setting up the interview for the music manager job (I seem to be more and more consumed with music lately. It makes me love life more. Really it does.). She's going to interview me on a different day than all her other interviews so everyone won't know I'm going for it.

So..that's it for now. By the way..I love diaryland. I'm so glad that I made the decision to start this thing almost 3 years ago. I've met some good people on d-land and am better for it.

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