I heart Jake G. [ 2006-07-16, 1:54 a.m. ]

I am sitting here watching The Day After Tomorrow with the commentary by the writer, editor and photographer. I'm mainly watching because I like admiring Jake. Sweet, sweet Jake. sigh... Oh, stop laughing at me.

I was going to go see a movie, An Inconvenient Truth, yesterday with Michael and Paco. We got in his car and started driving out of his neighborhood when we realized we really didn't feel like spending money for a movie plus going to dinner. Besides, I did bring the dvd of The Matador with me. So, we drove over to visit my sister,Mandy, at her workplace where she had no appointments for sittings the rest of the day so we sat around talking for over an hour.

After that, we went to Phil & Tony's Pizza Grill place and had dinner. I had baked manicotti and a Blue Moon beer (so all today at work I kept thinking back to how crisp and delicious and cold that beer tasted). It was quite delicious. Much like Jake. But anyway...because we weren't quite full enough, yea right, we went to Stone Cold Creamery where I had a large cup, big mistake, of quite tasty (much like Jake) cheesecake ice cream. We sat around the outside of the shopping center and watched kids playing in the fountain and listening to a cover band play lite '70's rock. It was pretty nice. Pretty much the whole time we jabbered away and ate. That was our night. Eating and talking.

Once we had finally eaten everything we could, we headed back to their house. Watched The Matador, which I can most heartedly recommend if only to hear Pierce Brosnan say "Margaritas always taste better in Mexico. Margaritas and cock." Oh, my. When he said that, I fell in love with the movie. Any time you can hear James Bond say a line like that..that's a good movie.

I work again tomorrow but it's a late day because we have a carpet cleaning which means we'll be there till 11:30pm. So I have two of my fave booksellers there with me and we'll be able to get stuff done without those pesky customers.

I'm going to be going out on Wednesday instead of Friday to go karaoke-ing and drinking my ass off. But I'm off for the next four days after that so I think I'll be recovered from the hangover by the end of that.

Ok, I must pay attention to Jake now. He's such a demanding young man.

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