My tin roof rusted! [ 2006-07-19, 7:19 p.m. ]

Okay, I'm better now. I think I scared everyone away here. Sorry about that.

I talked to my manager,Candi, today about the rescheduling this week. I'll have tomorrow off (yay!) but that's my only day off (boo!). But..she was able to finagle it to get me my four days off next week though not all in a row but at least it's something. I'll just be working 3 days next week. Woot!

Julie and I are going to the karaoke place tonight. She's driving so I can drink my blues away and also make a fool out of myself by doing karaoke. I plan on doing "These Boots are Made for walking" a la Nancy Sinatra not Jessica Simpson. Blech. After that...who knows what I'll do. I hear that they have a pretty good aray of songs so I won't be stuck doing the usual karaoke crap. Though there is always a good Neil Diamond song or two that I could do. I have only done karaoke once and my friends and I did "Love Shack" by the B-52's. We got up there, all of pretty sloshed, and they looked at me like deer in headlights. So I took over all the roles. Including Fred Schneider. I really do him quite well. "You're what?!"

I haven't been out with another girl in quite a while (besides Christie and we are always going to concerts not just hanging out). This'll be fun, I know. Julie is a hoot and she was a theatre major as well so we have a similar experience there. She even played the same character that I played in the show "Sugar" which is the stage musical version of "Some Like it Hot". Very weird.

So...less angry Judith here. No need to be scared. You can put down the taser gun.

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