Give me some respect [ 2006-08-09, 5:30 a.m. ]

I feel ignored around here lately. Do I have to write another drunk post? Cause I'll do it if necessary. I must have constant attention paid to me.

I received an email back from my landlord. It was brief but basically said they valued me as one of their best residents and would address the problem immediately. I did't know what I would encounter when I got home tonight. Would there be toilet paper all over my front porch or maybe a bag of flamin' poo? But, no. Just one of their cars parked in my driveway. At least I had a place to park. Small favors. I'm going to probably call my landlord tomorrow and see what the deal is. I know it sounds petty to bicker about a parking space but it's my home, for crying out loud.

I don't know what I did to my knee on Sunday but it feels like I twisted it. I was walking around the store and maybe I took a turn too quickly because I came up lame like a horse all of a sudden. It's my left leg, of course. The left ankle/foot is the one that bothers me so much. So now when I've been sitting for a bit, it's a bit painful to walk around at first. The only thing I think might help is to do some stretching exercises throughout the day.

Tomorrow is my day off. I came home and basically fell asleep by 9pm. Woke up around 3am. I was so exhausted from the last few days. Work is stressing me out. Not enough sleep was definitely killing me. And then add in my neighbors... So it felt good to just pass out like that.

So since tomorrow is my day off and I have no big plans..I just might sleep the whole day away. It sounds like a good plan to me.

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