This one goes to 11 [ 2006-08-12, 3:47 a.m. ]


My knee is not any better. I'm thinking that if it doesn't work itself out by next week..then I'll have to go to the doctor. I don't know what it could be. A strained muscle or ligament? It just seemed to come out of nowhere though. I wasn't doing anything other than walking! Geez.

Anyways, tonight I went out with Michael and Paco. First we watched a dvd at their house so Michael wouldn't fall asleep with a full tummy. Heh. We watched a French movie The Beat that my Heart Skipped. I really liked it. I love a lot of French movies. Or at least the ones I've seen. I have a soft spot for anything French really. Mon dieu!

After watching the movie, we went searching for food. We had decided to go to this bistro in a high end of town. We thought bistro...not that expensive. WRONG! The entrees averaged over $15 and closer to $23 for most of them. I was just not willing to plunk down that much money. So we actually got up and left after looking at the menus. Kind of startled the waiter but hey, at least we didn't get some cheap ass appetizer and tip crappilly.

We finally found a more casual place called the Fox & Hound Tavern. I had a delicious swiss/mushroom burger and a Blue Moon beer. I love that beer. It's so crisp and tasty.

We headed back to their house afterwards and listened to music for a couple of hours and just talked and even danced (me dancing with a pained look on my face).

So I got home about an hour or so ago. It was a lot of fun just hanging out and chatting like that. We don't do that enough.

I checked my voice mail messages on my cell, which I had on silent and hadn't looked at since the afternoon. I had two. The first was from my landlord stating that she'd sent my duplex neighbors reinforcing the rules about the parking and noise ordinances. She told me that if there was any more trouble to let her know. When I came home tonight, one of them was parked in my driveway so I'm assuming they haven't received the letter. She did say that she'd sent the letter and had made sure (well, now really they're going to know anyway.they're not THAT dumb) that it didn't say the reminder was related to my complaints. I'll give it till Tuesday and if they are still parking in my driveway, I'll call her again.

The other voicemail..well, I haven't said anything to anybody but Julie but I told Michael and Paco tonight so I might as well put it in here. I just don't want to jinx anything. There's a free music 'zine here in town that is published by my former boss from the nightclub days. His girlfriend is the business manager of the 'zine and also a bartender at the karaoke place. I saw in the 'zine that they were looking for a part-time editor and chatted with her a bit about my experience, though limited, at my college paper and the free 'zine that my boss at the record store had. Plus, the whole NaNoWriMo thing. So she told me to send her my resume. I did and just reminded her about my "experience" and conceded that it wasn't professional experience but I did bring a lot of enthusiasm to the subject.

This was last week and she sent me back an email at the beginning of the week saying she'd take a look at my resume and get back to me. So she left a message today asking me to call her back so we could set a time to talk this coming week. So..I have no idea if I'll get it. And I won't be crushed if I don't because, hey, not a big amount of experience. But it would be very cool to do this. There is a potential to be full-time editor but I'm not counting any chickens. One thing at a time.

I made plans with Julie to go back to the Breakfast Club this Thursday night and told Michael and Paco to meet up with us there. Should be fun.

I have this weekend off so I'm planning on chillin' and getting my knee back to normal.

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