Rock your body [ 2006-08-15, 12:41 a.m. ]

Argh. I thought my knee was getting better but alas, no. And to top things off, my right wrist is hurting. I can't win.

I took my last hydrocodone (leftover from the operation in May) for the pain at work tonight. It definitely helped and got me through. But now, I just feel like if I don't feel better soon I will have to go to the doctor. But I still owe a bit of money to the urgent care place where I would go to have them look at my knee. Bah. So I guess I'll have to wait till Friday. Sucks. But that's the facts.

I'm so damn tired right now that I should just turn off this computer and crawl into bed. Which I will do in a few minutes. I have to open tomorrow, which is ok. Because I have to close Wed and Thurs. I had the two manager trainess with me tonight and it's a bit frustrating sometimes. I have my own set ways of getting things done and they are still learning. I think, no I know, it's frustrating for them as well to get past this learning curve. But it was nice to have them there to get all the grunt work done that has to be on Monday nights because of displays changing out for the new titles that get released on Tuesdays.

Speaking of work, I found out that I'll be going for my music manager training the last week of Sept. Yay! That will be just a few days after I come back from my two week vacation. So basically, it's like I only have 3 weeks left at this store. I'm itching to leave but I have so much to get done first. Diane is finally coming back on Thursday and I'm going to see if she can do a couple of the yearly reviews that I was assigned. That will leave me with two which is doable. I also have a loss prevention audit to get done. As well as getting the schedules written for Sept and the assignment sheets. One really pays ahead of time for taking time off. But it will be so worth it. My body will love me for it.

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