Rock it through my world [ 2006-08-24, 8:15 p.m. ]

That's it. I'm going to start driving myself to these places instead of having Julie pick me up so she's the DD. If I want to really drink I'll figure something out but I'm rather tired of relying on somebody else. That gets old quick.

Once again she was late last night. She had a good reason but still it was aggravating. We ended up missing the first band, Riverbo@at G@mblers. Which sucks because I had gotten their album off of iTunes and liked them. *shrug* My own fault really. I should've just said I'd meet her there.

Anyway, we got there shortly before the Rollins Band went on. I'm not into his stuff but he was very intense and I did know a couple of songs. Plus, he's pretty funny with his banter.

After that was X. And of course, they completely rocked. I danced my ass off while admiring John Doe. He's so damn cool.

We were going to wait for the band to come out but I was getting a bit tired and we'd decided to go to the karaoke bar so I thought we'd just go ahead and go. Really, part of me just wanted to go home but I didn't listen to that part of me, unfortunately.

So we went there and Julie's latest fling,Heidi, was there. And then a friend of Julie's, Lauren, was also there talking to her friend/boyfriend/not really sure. So I'm in between these two couples feeling quite left out most of the time. I did go up a couple times and sing. First up was "Try a little tenderness" which I didn't do too well at. It was ok but not that good. Then later on, I sang a Poe song, "Hey Pretty", which turned out better.

After my last song, I was sitting there, still surrounded by couples, and this guy comes up and asks if he can sit at the table. I didn't pay much attention and said "sure". Then he introduced himself and yada yada yada. I wasn't into him and I was getting a creepy vibe. So I tried to ignore him and just watch/listen to the singers on stage.

Once the last singer went up, I got up to stretch my legs and to get away from creepy guy. I told Julie this and she said "you need to loosen up" and that he seemed like a nice guy. Also, she said I just wanted a celebrity. Ha. Except not. There were plenty of guys there that I liked and talked to but this guy was just plain creepy.

Eventually she left the table leaving me alone with this guy. I tried to make conversation but then wandered off to find Julie, hoping we were leaving soon (see what I mean about wanting to drive myself next time!). Creepy guy followed me and put his arm around me. I moved away to stand next to Ken (the guy whose house we went to last Thursday after dancing, plus he co-owns the bar).

Creepy guy tries to say goodnight to Julie by giving her a kiss which she said, while laughing, "oh I don't know you that well!". I'm standing there thinking "see! he's creepy!". The guy left a few minutes after that and the bartender asked where he'd gone. I told her he'd left and that made her unhappy. He'd skipped out on his tab. Which was probably sizeable since he'd obviously been drunk.

I told Julie "See, my standards aren't too high. They're just not that low!". She conceded that she'd not gotten the creepy vibe till he'd tried to kiss her. I worked in a nightclub for four years. My creepy vibe sensor is highly tuned. Her's is apparantly faulty.

I'm over going out for a while. Besides the next two weeks will not give me much opportunity to do so. I'm not off again till next Friday and then I'll be going to the lake for my sister's (Christy) college gang reunion. Drinking while I'm still sitting on my cot sounds good to me.

I still just don't appreciate Julie's attitude towards me. She's usually not like that but I think part of it was that she was distracted by Heidi's advances (which she was totally welcoming)(Julie is Bi but mainly dates girls). I know she knows I'm a virgin because I told her. And part of me thinks she now thinks I'm a loser and should just go for anything that moves. I'm just not like that, obviously. And frankly, I don't feel like giving weird guys a chance. Because I'm not desparate. I might be picky but I don't think so. I'm just too shy to make the first move on guys I want. And believe me, I see guys I want every friggin' day.

So anyway....tonight is a little tv. Maybe working on reviews. And maybe even going to bed at a decent time. I'm pretty worn out from yesterday since I stayed up for 22 hours straight.

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