But what I need is to unwind [ 2006-10-07, 11:34 p.m. ]

Wheee! I have tomorrow off. I've been so damn looking forward to that for a few days now.

This past Thursday, I went to the Amps11 get-together at a local restaurant. When I first went in, I didn't see my group at all. I asked a passing waitress if she knew where they were meeting up and she had not a clue. I went back outside, pulled out my cell and phoned Alison, the business manager of the 'zine and also the bartender at the karaoke bar. She told me they were towards the back and directed me back as I talked to her on the phone and then eventually came in sight of her. There's a room all the way in the back with a pool table and whatnot and bar that I had no idea was there!

Anyway, several of the writers and designers for the mag were there. I had a beer and munched on some of the finger food like pita triangles and spinach dip. At one point I was sitting with some people and was explaining about NaNoWriMo to one girl because of the article that I wrote in the current issue. I swear to God, it's like I own stock or something in NaNo the way I was just going on and on about it. She got so enthused about it and proclaimed that she might have to try doing it.

We played video bowling, which I did ok at it. Much better than real-life bowling, I can tell you. It was after 10pm by the time we finished it and I wanted to go home to get ready for the dance club so I bid them goodbye. It was really nice to meet up with people again. I actually got a free cd out of it from one of the writers who is in a band. Cool. I also told Alison that I'd like to do a preview article on Ok Go since they're coming to town in November and that I'd do another cd review. She sent the list of available cds to review on Friday. I haven't heard back yet about grabbing my cd to listen to but it's somebody I'm familiar with at least.

Anyway, I went home and changed shirts and went off to the dance club where I was supposed to be meeting up with Julie and Marcia and a few other people. I got there at around 11:15pm. They weren't there yet so I got a drink and went upstairs and danced my booty off to the Go-Go's "Head Over Heels" (which is a great song to dance to) and Billy Idol's "Dancing with myself" which always reminds me of a party that my choir had back in 11th grade where I just cut loose on that song and basically people had to stand back. Same goes for now.

So it was after midnight and nobody was there! Not the people I was meeting and not a lot of the regulars. I have no idea what was going on. But I was like..eh, I'm going home. No biggie. I didn't have my cell phone with me or else I may have called but frankly, I was okay with ending my night. On another night I might have taken it personally and honestly, I could have stayed longer and they might have shown but I was ready to end the day. So I left and went home and watched "The Office". Always a good way to end the day.

I talked to Candi the other day and she told me that none of the booksellers' reviews had been given yet at my old location. The management staff felt like they weren't comfortable giving them since they've only been there a couple months. I can see the new manager doing it. She's been there just a few weeks. But the other people..sheesh. So it's up to me. To do them ALL in one day, on Tuesday. Most will be fine but one lady will be getting a not-at-standards review which will not be fun. Otherwise, it's not a big deal.

I really can't wait to completely cut all ties to that store, though. This will be my last act, I think. Thank you Jesus.

I do go to my training store again on Monday night to observe the music inventory that's done every 3 months. They have an outside company come in to do the counting but you still need music sellers/manager there to answer questions which the inventory company always have. It's the same company that does the bookfloor and man, those people are not the brightest bulbs in the box sometimes. Some are just fine, no big deal. But you always remember the people who just don't seem to get it and make the night just go on longer than it should. Hopefully, that won't happen.

I spoke with Candi also today about staffing for my music section and right now we're at maybe 4 including me. Yikes. So our focus next week will be hiring just for the section.

After work today I went to Target, which was crazy busy today. It was like Christmas time when I went to the registers. I think it might be the overcast weather. Anyway, I bought a binder,notebook and pocket sheets to organize my music info in a pretty fashion. Office supplies!! Whee!

Then I went to the grocery store which was also crazy nutso busy. I was quite happy to finally make my way home. I ate a quick dinner, watched some of the Tigers beating up on the Yanks (yay!) and then promptly fell asleep. I woke up about an hour ago. I'm up for a while.

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