What will I be? [ 2006-10-24, 12:35 p.m. ]

I woke up this late morning and thought to myself "What day is it?". This is what happens when I'm working several days in a row. I'm so glad I have Thursday and Friday off.

Work has been alright. But I was very tired yesterday because of lack of sleep. I was on my feet most of the time working on a project list for all the new employees.

I was talking to Julie yesterday and she asked if I was going to go to this big party on Saturday night. It's called C@rnEvil and it's a $25 cover but unlimited food/drink. There are bands playing and tents set up all around or something like that. I think I am going to go. I just have to think of what the heck I'm going to be. I might be a diner-style waitress and walk around calling everyone "'hon" all night. I have a black skirt but don't know what top to wear. I'll have to go to a costume place to scrounge up something. I might change my mind about what to be.

I close tonight so I have to be at work at 2. Lots of employees will be around so I'll have to wrangle them and try not to get harried. I think I mentioned the fact that the opening date got changed to Nov.29th. It's a major pain since we have all these employees but not as much for them to do. I feel outnumbered!

Oh, going back to this Saturday.. I mentioned to Caleb that it would be cool to have Sunday off. I actually mentioned that a few days ago. And he gave me Sunday off! I love that guy. I hadn't even written it down as a formal request. In my quest to thank him for being so awesome (i.e. driving me home when I was drunk last week) I'm going to make some chocolate fudge to bring in. But I have to make it without milk since he's highly allergic to it. Allergic as in take him to the hospital. So I asked a resident vegan and she recommened a soy creamer that she usually uses when she bakes. Which is a lot. Roxy brings in muffins/cupcakes/bread all the dang time. And they're good even though they're made vegan-style. Just goes to show.

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