I'm Living In My Own Private Idaho [ 2006-11-21, 12:28 a.m. ]

We are officially opening the store next Monday,Nov.27th. Yahooo! So this week is the big countdown. Today I got a phone call at 7am while I was sitting in my computer chair watching my tv. A very old episode of Angel was on and I was ogling Doyle (and lamenting him as well). Anyway, my cell rang and it was Jeff telling me that Candi wanted me to run the music inventory and I should meet him at the old store so he could be the manager there for the morning. I was all for it. The less time I have to spend at the old store, the better.

So we had the big inventory for the whole store today. See, we got all our product but we don't "receive" it into the computer. They have the inventory company come in and do all that so we don't waste time doing the tedious receiving work. All we do is open boxes and plop product onto shelves/tables/fixtures.

My music inventory went really well and I was back at the other store (boo!) by 1pm. I did go back to the new store at about 4pm because I had some info to gather for my asst.buyer. So I was there till after 6pm. Long day but it was worth it. I love spending time in my own Private Idaho.

I was thinking about going out to karaoke this Wednesday night but I don't know how busy it will be since it's the day before Thanksgiving. But I'm really jonesing since it's been over two weeks since I've gone out. This is wrong,people!!! Hmph. I must be with cute boys other than the ones that work for me. (Bad Judith! Stop ogling the cute boys at work!!)

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