I am so lame [ 2007-01-01, 5:06 a.m. ]

I went to work on Sunday but ended up leaving after 3 hours because of how crappy I was still feeling. Later in the afternoon I went to my parents' house because my mom is a New Year's Eve baby. I gave her the dvd she requested, Election. She loves that movie. My mother rocks.

I came home around 6:30 and then laid around and fell asleep a couple hours later. Then waking up at 12:45am. Yes, that is right. I slept through midnight. The first time I've done that since I was a little kid. Seriously. I hate being sick.

I have some kind of raw spot on the roof of my mouth that makes it hard for me to drink anything. Ouchie.

I watched The Last Kiss a bit ago. Now I'm watching it again with the commentary by Zach Braff and the director. I liked the movie. Didn't love it but liked it enough to watch it again with commentary because I'm a slut for commentary on movies.

Tomorrow I'll be just lazing around the house since I have the day off. Yesterday when I was home (on Saturday), I watched the marathon on Bravo of Friday Night Lights. If you haven't caught any of that show, you really need to. I love it. I'm so glad they did that marathon.

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