Hello Good Mental Health [ 2007-01-25, 1:15 a.m. ]

First off, the Fray concert was fab. If you read my blog on myspace (look to your right for the link), you already know that it was very good. I really liked the opening band, too. They're called Mute Math and I bought their cd. It's in line behind the new Shins cd and the Lemonheads' latest. Speaking of the latter band, Christie and I are going to see them on Sunday night in a club in town. That means I'll be going out 3 nights in a row. Karaoke on Friday, the 80s dance club on Saturday and then the concert on Sunday. I'm going to need a vacation after that. Oh,wait! I'll be on vacation! Thank God!!

I'm doing my best to not wig out anymore about all the prep I'm having to do before going on my vacation. The big changeover of displays happens next Wednesday, naturally. So I'm having to let managers and my employees know what will be needed. I will try never again to schedule myself during this kind of thing. Jeepers.

Tomorrow is my last before vacation starts. And of course...Jon is working. So I must carefully plan my attire and my hair and makeup. I love it. Gives me a great excuse to primp. I even delayed boxing up some returns till tomorrow so I would have an excuse to walk back to receiving. I'm all about the planning.

Oh, one other thing. I did my taxes online last night, fed and state. Getting a whopping dollar back from state (thanks,NC! Fuckers) but almost $400 from fed! Whee! It will help repair my radiator, I'm thinking. I should have the money in the bank in less than 10 days. Glad that is over with. I hate doing taxes.

Now I can think about a certain boy. And debauchary. Or maybe both at the same time.

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