Count on me [ 2007-04-10, 2:58 a.m. ]

Ok, it isn't like there is nothing going on in my life. I just don't seem to be feeling the urge to write it down here much. I'm thinking it's a phase. That I really need to get over.

Going back to the last entry where I mentioned Matt was going to come by the store on Saturday... Well, he actually did show up. Nobody could have been more surprised than me. He got there around 6:30pm. I showed him some of the karaoke cds but there really wasn't much there. Gave him the cds that I made for him (Peter,Bjorn & John, The Little Ones, Band of Horses, The Hold Steady, The Afghan Whigs'"Gentlemen"). He asked if I would buy a Roger Ebert movie guide book for him with my discount. Eh. I don't like to do that all the time but it was no biggie. He gave me the money and I'll give him the book this Wednesday.

After he left I started thinking about how I knew I was completely over him. The crush that I'd had on him was gone. While I still find him physically attractive and all, I don't pine for him one bit. This might be because he is somebody, that while be not a bad person really, is an opportunist. I can't deal with liking somebody who is like that. As a friend, no problem.

Sunday, I went to my parents' house for Easter supper. Watched the Masters tournament which I always love doing. Golf is something that my family always watched. I appreciate it. Never really played it but I do like the drama of it.

Tonight was inventory at the store. I got pretty peeved at the beginning of it. The people from the outside inventory company were just pissing me off. I went up to the break room and ranted some. One of the booksellers, Steven, was telling me how one of the girls who was counting in one section was looking at the pre-count stickers that we had put in problem areas. Not something she's supposed to do so he took it away from her. He was pretty sure she said something like "idiot" in Spanish to a co-worker. I asked if he knew how to say "tough shit" in Spanish back to her. Ha. Half of the crew was fine but the other half ...ugh. We really wish that we could do these inventories ourselves.

Tomorrow I go in at noon. I know that Jon is working till 3pm, so I hope to see him some. I'm having withdrawal. Haven't seen him since last Wednesday!!

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