Friendship [ 2007-06-25, 2:55 a.m. ]

I had a successful two days. Last night after getting home from work, I spent three hours writing up my three articles for the July issue. I was pretty happy with how all three came out, which is cool. Sometimes I'm like...hmm,I don't know how great that is but it's the best I can do for now. But this time, I must've had the creative juices flowing just right. If you want to read them, let me know and I'll email them to you. They're not very long.

Work was pretty good today. I sat down with my boss and we discussed the financial plan for my dept. I've got to be more aggressive in seeking out bulk orders. That's the only thing that will help us in the non-holiday months. This is me saying this, not her. But she agreed that would definitely help get us out of a hole before the Christmas season starts. Then it'll all be gravy.

Tonight I went to the trivia night at the bar. I really love that I've made new friends. Jim and Alison are the greatest. Jim could be one of my few straight male, good friends. I really like him. Making him laugh is always a good feeling. And he admires my musical knowledge, that's always nice. Alison is the sweetest and funny,too. We all three got real familiar with each other so quickly. It's like great chemistry. I love it. I'm hoping they'll be at karaoke again this Thursday. It was great fun last time hanging with them and Eston and everyone.

Tomorrow I'm off and will be visiting my mom and washing clothes. And also just taking it easy.

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