And you don't mess around with Jim... [ 2007-06-27, 6:13 p.m. ]

I think I'm in major love without the physical thing or the heartbreaking thing either. Actually, I think he's cute but it isn't like that.

Jim, the one I met at the bar with his g/f,Alison, is such a freakin' sweetheart. If you go to my myspace page you'll see him to the right of Eston in the Top 8. He posted a comment about my blog last night on there and it made me smile. Can you be infatuated with somebody's b/f and just want him to be your best friend? It's weird. I told Alison that I heart Jim. And it's damn true. I mean, I heart her,too. But with a boy, it's different. I don't find guys like this very often. Caleb from work is the closest I've come. But Jim is straight so it's a bit different.

I laid my head down on the table when I was there Sunday night and he fluffed my hair. Then last night he reached over and did the same thing. I responded by reaching over and making a faux hawk with the wispy strands of hair near his forehead. He treats me like a girl AND a friend. And I treasure that in a friendship with a straight guy. I don't want to be "one of the guys" all the time. I mean,it's ok with certain boys but I do like feeling special sometimes. Even if it doesn't mean anything more than affection.

So this entry is dedicated to Jim. My friend. Yes, I'm in the early glow of a really nice friendship. And no heartbreak in sight.

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