I'm not sarcastic. That's just the way I talk. [ 2007-09-24, 9:35 p.m. ]

Sorry about yesterday's whiny entry.

Anyway, Jim replied to my message to him. Go back an entry to read what I wrote to him. Here's what he said.

And yes, we're kind of opposite like that. The more time I spend around people, the pissier I get. Going out is something you do either when everything else is ok or to forget that things suck. I would fall into the latter category, and I've felt like I had too much to do to waste time spending money and drinking at the [bar name]... I've got to go to bed early tonight but I should have time tomorrow night, so I'll try to learn to play that song.

Actually, I'll try to print out the chords/notes tonight and take them home as soon as I push the Send button... shouldn't be TOO difficult. I'll let you know how it goes.

oh... and the adjectives "slow" and "sweet" are, perhaps, the worst two adjectives you could apply to the word "song" that aren't "Dave" and "Matthews"

or, perhaps, "U" and "2"

That stinker. He knows I love U2. I basically wrote back a short note and and P.S. that said "There is NOTHING wrong with U2!". Hee. We are both sarcastic SOBs.

Today I was super tired. And right now I should probably be watching the "Heroes" season opener but I'm too tired and didn't feel like watching it. That's what my dvr is for. But really, I'm trying to watch less tv. I want to move my tv into the living room very soon. I just need to get the gungho energy to do so. That could take a while.

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