Glomming on [ 2007-10-29, 9:42 p.m. ]

I can honestly say that I'm glad I'm back to work. We have a lot of merchandising to get done this week so it's keeping me busy and from thinking tooo much. I was nauseated this morning for some reason (hey,maybe I'm having a baby! Somebody call Billy Graham!) but I got better by noonish. Plus, I started to joking around more and whatnot.

I left Jim a comment on his myspace last night asking "Hey, do you guys want to do something on Halloween?" He left me a comment today about possibly going to SCarowinds and asked what plans I had. I sent him an email tonight saying basically plans? I was asking you cause I had none! I'm glomming onto your plans!. Ha.

I have a dilemma. I have a staff meeting for the magazine on Thursday but Christie and I might have plans to see a movie and get dinner that same night. I hardly ever get to see her. And these staff meetings are just...blah. I think if Christie's plans with me stay firm, that I'll skip the meeting. I can always let them know about my thoughts on articles. Which reminds me...NaNo...still not sure if I can really do it. But I am going to try at least. I might not win but I can try. That's better than nothing.

I just realized that I hadn't mentioned that I had sent my resume to T@rget about a pt time job and I got a response from the HR person on Sunday (!) asking when I could come by to fill out an instore application and then talk with her after. So I'm going by after work on Tuesday,(tomorrow). It would be great if this works out.

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