With all my heart [ 2008-01-20, 11:30 p.m. ]

What exactly is that feeling called that's not quite sad but still lonely? Not happy but able to go about day to day business? I think it's name is Judith. Cause it's how I feel right now. I'm thinking about my birthday next Sunday. I've told Jim that I want to go out on Saturday with several people just to do some drinking and hanging out. I'm trying to think of other people to call about going out that night,too. But my main reason for going out is to have Jim there. I told him that even though his plans yesterday for his birthday didn't include seeing me that I wanted to see him for mine. So there. He and Alli were going to a Bobcats (our NBA team) game for his bday. He turned 30.

My 30th involved a surprise birthday party. Kathy came from out of town. As did Christy. And that's when I got Maddux, my cat. My sweetie.

The weather has been pretty darn cold and icy today. It's supposed to get down to 14 degrees tonight. I'm hoping the roads are ok in the morning. Any thoughts of something happening to my car makes me nuts. Especially since my insurance is on the lapsed side at the moment.

So... I have 5 work days till my vacation starts. Lots of stuff to do at work this week. And to top it off, my period started 7 days late. But it should be gone by Wednesdayish. I hope.

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