Tenth Avenue Freeze Out [ 2009-02-02, 2:45 a.m. ]

Hello all. Guess who is moving back in with her parents? Yep. Me. It is only for about a year so I can regroup with my finances. It won't be fun to give up my apartment which I have been in for over 6.5 years. I love that place. My privacy. The neighborhood. My privacy. Did I mention my privacy??!!

But a woman has to do what a woman has to do. I plan to let my landlord company know that I need to break the lease and be out by March 1st. I really hope I don't get any grief from them. I know that I'm paying a much lower rent because I got in before the neighborhood took an upward turn in value. So, cross your fingers for me.

The moving out will be a bear since I'm such a slob and procrastinator. Downsizing is not a bad thing in this instance, though. I have so much crap. And little use for so much of it.

My goal is to pay down a lot on my 3 credit cards. Only one is a big amount (over $3000). But those aren't my biggest concern. I need to re-finance my car since my payments are ridiculous. They made me completely fuck up my finances. It's my own fault but still...

I'm here at my parents' house tonight because I've been on vacation this past week and stayed a few days so I could have cable and internet. Tonight was the Super Bowl, of course, and I was rooting for the Cardinals. Ah,well. I figured that they beat up on my Panthers so badly in the playoffs that I wanted them to at least win the whole thing. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band ROCKED the halftime show.

The ads were disappointing. They were last year,too. The ones I did like were the Conan ad, the Clydesdale ads, the Hulu ad...can't remember any more.

I go back to work tomorrow. I'm ok with it. I do have 3 more weeks of vacation left in the year. I took this one now since my birthday was last Tuesday. I turned 43. I feel about the same as 42.

I haven't really blogged in so long that I'm out of practice. I have a feeling this is a bit boring.

I will keep updating when I can and then when I move back in with my parents, I will have my own computer here to ramble on and on.

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