Get a grip on yourself [ 2009-04-21, 7:09 p.m. ]

Any of you out there who have had to move back in with your parents will know what I'm saying when I say ......My father is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so fucking grumpy and has never had the best of manners when it comes to saying please. As in "Please pass the butter". Its' more like "Pass the butter." or "Put the butter over". My God. Please Lord give me strength to not scream at him.


Work is going ok. Had a good meeting with my boss. Things are going well with the whole action plan thing. I impressed her during the manager meeting by calling out the MODs for not checking in with my department more often like I've requested they do. Because it's part of their job.

I went clothes shopping after work today. Damn. I usually shop at L@ne Bryant but their prices are so damn high. They seem even higher than usual. I did have almost $30 in gift cards so I bought a shirt and pants. Still had to shell out $40. So then I went to T@rget and looked at their clothes. They have a pretty crappy "plus" size section. But I found two decent tops for $10 and $12.99. I tried on pants that I realized were way too small. Oops. And a swimsuit that could have really sent me on a crying binge if I'd let it. I think I'll have to look online for some decent swimwear. At a decent price,too.

Tonight is probably going to consist of me going to sleep early. Once again.

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