Pretty pretty electronics [ 2009-05-14, 8:23 p.m. ]

I bought an iPhone today!!!!!!!!! It's so purty!!!! I could barely pay attention to my driving on the way home. It's quite distracting.

I had a dentist appt. yesterday. Had 3 fillings removed and replaced with new ones. One was a temporary filling with medication 'cause he thinks it's close to needing a root canal. Oh,boy. Then I had a dental cleaning. That was two hours total in the dentist chair. Yeesh.

We had inventory Monday night. Everything went pretty well, I think. I was there till about 2:30am. We do inventory twice a year in my dept. because of the loss associated with music/dvds. Monday was the yearly store inventory as well. Normally, for my dept., it only takes about 3 hours or so.

I've been feeling really, really blah about my life. Like I have nothing to look forward to. I think it boils down to having to live with my parents. I feel like I have no freedom of movement. You know, like coming and going without telling somebody where I'll be. Just things like that. I love my parents. I do. And it's wonderful that they're helping me out like this. But by this time next year I will be on my own again, God willing. And me following through, of course.

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